The Laurels

The Laurels was built during 1700 to 1800 AD and is present on an "Enclosure Map" that dates from this period. The surrounding land was then mainly arable.

Old flagstones cover the floor to the entrance hall and the dining room. The original beams are present in the main lounge which also contains an inglenook fireplace and bread ovens.

It would be easy to surmise that wheat grown by the then owner would have been milled by the "Great Goliath Mill" opposite and baked, as bread, in these ovens.

In later years the house became a coal yard and then a plant nursery before becoming a residential property.

Most of the surrounding land having since been purchased for modern day housing.

The Laurels today is a family home offering Bed & Breakfast in the heart of the quiet village of Thurlton, near to the local shop and village owned public house.

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